My artistic practice is varied: I create installations, large-scale paintings, digital images and video, incorporating elements of layering, and employing the principles of architecture in order to explore the emotive, memory, the seen and the unseen. In all my work, the main objective is to communicate the notion that time, space, color and memory can serve as visual “signifiers”, which help drive the visual narrative.

Utilizing these elements, my aim is to draw the viewer in, and encourage contemplation of the image as not only an aesthetic object, but also the conceptual, as well as the materiality of the work. My recent paintings reference architectural systems and spatiality, the seen and the unseen, and the covering up and revealing of shapes and forms.

These elements are achieved through large brush work, the layering and arrangement of geometries that blur perspective, the heavy and intensive application of medium, and color that creates visual contrast and reveals the emotive.

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